The Tinuum

The Tinuum has a long and tortured history. It's been up and down and revamped and rehosted and killed and re-birthed quite a few times. It…

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Ark of the Sun

Ark of the sun is an ecommerce site for printed art. I started it last year (2017). It began as a way to use my drawings and doodles to…

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Re:percussion started out as a percussion group / jam session in Toronto. The goal was simply to play with live sound: pots and pans would…

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Net Terminal Machine

NTM is basically where I work. It has been my alias for tech gigs whenever I take one on. I'll be re-orienting it into a home for my coding…

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Skitchetty Sketchetty

Skitchetty Sketchetty was a Wordpress site hosting my sketches and drawing exercises. I took it down to change hosting companies and to…

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The Self Project

A little bit about me: I'm a bubble-tea-loving, walking-around-in-the-cold-hating, continent-hopping, mildy artsy, terribly nomadic INTP…

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RoR - Confidential

This is a music production effort currently under wraps; will update this card once it's live! Helping out a fellow musical soul with one of…

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Tiny Tells

This was a wordpress site for short stories and writing experiments including one-liners, poetry/haiku attempts and writing exercises. I'm…

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