I was born in West Africa and have lived on 4 continents. After all this globetrotting, I’m getting old and crotchetty (friends would probably say, whaddaya mean, “getting”? ) 🙂

Nevertheless, I count myself as a humanist: I still believe in striving to reduce suffering wherever its possible, as much as possible. I like it when people win at life and go forth to be all that they can be, without stomping all over anyone else in the process.

Lastly, you’re on my personal blog. That means you might be exposed to some of my personal musings and personal creations. I have no idea what exposure to these things will do to you. You’re responsible for that.

I only just rebooted this blog (for the bizillionth time) and actually all the content is from many, many years ago. Risible ramblings from my earlier self. But, I’ll be posting more up to date stuff soon.

Happy perusing,