Just been going through my old posts.


The iffy writing aside for one moment, one thing is very clear. I seem to have been laboring under the impression that our machine overlords were:

  • coming soon
  • going to save us from ourselves
  • going to utterly crush us shortly thereafter
  • God / Nature would look on glibly while all this went down
  • therefore nothing mattered

(don’t get me wrong: 1 to 4 is still pretty much a dead cert).

But that whole apathy-fuelled, digitalist… nihilism was a bit much. I’d forgotten this about my writings! 😀

Going through and cleaning up typos and grammar and even deleting entire posts… I found that there was very little of my creative stuff: In earlier reincarnations of the tinuum, creative stuff had been separated out into an art/creative blog with fun cutesy things… alas, I cannot for the life of me find the backup for that, so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have some of the images, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to write the posts to go with them all over again.

And as for the writing: Yikes. Some things definitely lacked brevity and clarity. I also swore in a few places (beware!! THE TETRAGRAMMATON!!). I also used words that now, in 2019, are not appropriate from the perspective of Inclusivity (terms we all take for granted like “crazy”, “insane”, “lame”, “dumb”). I’ve taken some out and have more to do, and some I was dithering about because context. I’m trying to leave the old posts alone as much as possible, as a perpetual memento of the silly things that were rinsing through my head at the time. (OK that’s a lie: I got through about a third of them and just got tired of going through them in one sitting. Will attack the rest in the next little while). All the old posts are labelled ‘Early Tinuum‘ or some-such.

And let’s not forget about the post images: I started blogging before picture-saturated, “magazine layout” themes became all the rage, so some of the post images are… just… just awful. Tiny homemade graphics at even tinier resolutions don’t look great on the modern web. Will try to stick to bare posts if I don’t have an appropriate image handy. Either way, I’ll try to do better.

Anyhoo. Try not to wince too much when trawling through the pre-2019 era. Happy reading!

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