That’s right. I’m telling you to go see THE RAID: redemption. <= R / 18A.

Wah! A movie in MALAY makes it to hollywood… and it is AWESOME.!!!

I braved the 18A / R rating. I BRAVED it. Something I almost never do, on principle. You can too, if you know how to time your squints. But to be honest all the violence were split-second shots. No lingering over the gore afterwards. Also, being Indonesian fare (and from the backstory) I knew the types of violence that would be resorted to and the types that wouldn’t, and I was right.


Truth be told, I just wanted to hear people speaking Malay again, and Indonesian Malay turns out to be not too different from Malaysian Malay. The movie is subtitled, not dubbed (though, boo hoo, there’s a “hollywood remake” in the works. Like, WHYYYYYYY?!!!! ugh). The other reason I went is because I wanted to see what they would do with Silat as a martial art. I don’t remember it being all that erm… ‘martial’ – looking. So I wanted to see what they would do with it, filmwise. In the end I think the choreography (which was amazing) doesn’t really manage to convey a necessarily unique vocabulary for this fighting style. Which matters not a jot: I guess ultimately frenetic fighting in any style will look like… frenetic fighting. Also: Yayan Ruhian – that’s the little guy up there doing the vertical splits –  kicks some SERIOUS ass.

In short: paper-thin plot/story, ZERO time wasted on love interests (unless you count the protagonist’s wife’s 10-second appearance), and fighting all the way. Downsides: meh acting (you won’t care – nobody does), bad foley sound / sound effects in places (you still won’t care).  And come on, Indonesian cast! How often do you see that? The movie opens with the baddie in a vest and a sarong, eating mee from a bowl. SUCH a breath of fresh air. Too bad the vehicle was this violent, but good on them for twisting round the limelight to shine elsewhere, for a change.

Last but not least, I swiped the image at the top of this post from this article, which you might enjoy for a little more background / context wrt production.

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