I haven’t seen district 9, [update: saw it, loved it, a bit gappy in backstory but no matter]… but just the fact that it’s NOT set in america is going to be a breath of fresh air…

…all of which reminded me of something I must do before it’s too late.

I rarely clamber onto a soapbox and try tell people anything. On account of it would reveal how embarrassingly little I know. Also I don’t tend to care enough (about anything) to get prophetic. But I feel that Americans, as in, the people of the you ess of eh, should know the following. We all know it already and we are being uncitizenly (planetarily speaking) to not say anything. Ahem. So here goes:

“Dear Americans,

You might want to stop telling yourself stories and making movies about aliens coming to earth to kick, specifically, your yankee asses. I dunno. You just might want to stop. You’re creating a really big groove in your collective psyche. You know, it’s bound to ACTUALLY happen one day. So then when it does, don’t come crying to us that even the aliens have got it in for you. We know you secretly want it to happen, because it seems like it would be kinda fun if it did, and it would rally the nation together, and you would save the world, or something. But seriously. Is this what you really, really, REALLY, REALLY want?

Be careful what you wish for.

Thank goodness one amongst you made the film “E.T”.
Focus on stories like

There. I got it out of my system. Clambering down from soapbox now…


On a more important note, I really cannot wait for this movie. It had better not suck (c’mon Peter Jackson! We’re rooting for you!)… because I have been wanting to see it ever since the trailer rolled out. I mean, how often does a writer / producer let a SCI-FI (sci-fi!!) story play out anywhere near Africa? EGG.ZACKLY.

So you should be stoked too.  I don’t wanna pin too much on this movie (eg making it single-handedly responsible for ending the ceaseless historicisation of Africa – haha), cos yeah let’s face it… anything would be hobbled under the weight of such responsibility.  But I’m hoping to be amongst the Aug 14th crowd. If not, then I guess I’ll have to wait till the weekend.

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