You know, we can’t keep making excuses for the writers and producers of this show, however much we might love them for bringing us this gritty world of bot-humans, quaintly pointless octagonals and a design sensibility that I like to call ‘metal-bleak’. I have loved this show, especially when it started out… but I can no longer forgive the sheer number of questions that remain un-answered.

I wouldn’t mind so much except, dear writers-of-the-show, WHY EVEN RAISE THESE QUESTIONS AT ALL? Why d’you even bother setting out along these ill-fated, meaningless trajectories?


What is/was the frakking importance of Hera? In the final analysis she’s just a kid who runs away a lot. Big Whoop. Her importance was never explained.

Who or what are the angels? Also never explained.
If Kara herself is an angel, why is it EVERYONE can see her, unlike Head 6 and Head Baltar?
If she’s NOT an angel, what the frakk is she, then?

Who the frak is/was Daniel? What the hell was the POINT of the piano-playing thing?
Piano notes = jump coordinates my arse.

Significance of the Opera house? Deja vu does not equal significance.
Significance of the temple of the final 5? Ditto.

How many earths ARE there?
Who is “God”, who “hates being called that”?

This has been a needlessly loopy storyline that in the end had to leave every thread dangling, because any attempt at tying up loose ends would have sent a seismic ripple of internal inconsistency through the entire storyline.

The only good thing, the only redeeming thing that actually was logical and made perfect sense, was that Tory got throttled.

But this shall not become a ‘snarky’ blog. Much love to the actors, set design, score/music, photography, and yes… even the overall ethos of the spaghetti plot/storyline. Overall, BSG has been a good thing.

Oh… and someone please tell the presenters on SPACE that you can’t just trot out “So say we all” without having first made a declaration of some sort. Otherwise it just sounds… silly.

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