Imagine my surprise when I logged in to my admin console to today, only to find a pingback from*, in which some government-backed(?) pdf about futuristic jobs supposedly (for I can find no proof of this in the pdf) points at my own tongue-in-cheek spoutings about ‘Jobs for Futurists’. Certainly would explain the mild google keyword spike.

With intros like ‘wishful armchair thinking‘ and “what’s preventing you from making something up?“, I’d have thought it’d be pretty obvious that the post was about me just airing out my fantasies. Now admittedly, you could ply me with (preferably non-alcoholic) drink and I’d happily argue till dawn for the inevitability of each of these made-up jobs. But here’s the thing: each such argument would be based on NOTHING. Actually… it would be based on something far worse than nothing. It would be based on what I think I know about the current state of affairs on the planet. Which amounts to, I am beginning to realise (with age), JACK.

Tiny little me and my even tinier little brain cells tapping on keys and coming up with STUFF. That’s what this entire blog IS. STUFF. That I have COME UP WITH.

Of course, I’m sorry for complicating things by actually making sense, on occasion. Or worse, seeming to. It’s like drought theory. Sooner or later I WILL make sense, but I just never know when it will be or if it will even matter any more when I do.

So welcome to the tinuum. Read with bullshit filters turned to the OPERATING position. Those things are indispensable around here (hm.. sidebar widget idea: [Click for free bullshit filter!].  Then when you click, the screen goes blank and all the posts disappear… wait… that would entail coding: laziness descends upon me).

*hit the evidencematters link and search for ‘nano-medic’. And while we’re talking about that, why would the would-be lazy researchers have picked possibly the most feeble entry in my post, instead of say, 5D artist or Gaiantologist?!! Come on! If I’m gonna be quoted why can’t it be for something way glitzier!

ps: thank you, evidencematters, for seeing past the words to a bit of fun. 🙂

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