Ark of the Sun (AOS) is a series of experiments with printed art products. It started out as an e-commerce venture, and was selected to participate in the ‘What The Pop‘ art festival & popup fair in the summer of 2018.

So far it has mostly been evolving and following its own magical taxis. I’m hoping to pay far more attention to it next year (but probably in the later half of the year, barring a miracle). It’s going to take more of a storytelling twist and I’m going to prioritize the fun of making the art over commerce.

NTM has been my alias for tech gigs whenever I take one on, and is basically the umbrella concept of where I work. I’ll be re-orienting it into a home for my forays into coding, and it will be where you will find me when I have my developer hat on.

As for the long-winded name, you can blame Blame, the manga comic, from whence the term net terminal genes got etched into my subconscious… so I was bound to come up with net terminal machine, wasn’t I?

Tiny Tells is a site for short stories and writing experiments including one-liners, poetry/haiku attempts and writing exercises. Needless to say, it’s pretty embarrassing stuff. But that’s kind of the point… to force myself to practice and polish up some writing.

This project has has had very little love; I need to get back to it!

Skitchetty Sketchetty is a gallery for some of my better drawings as well as sketching/drawing exercises from when I’ve taken the odd class.

It might be shocking to see that I am the same person that does my other (fairly crappy) doodles… but for me it’s a totally different drawing process: I take hours, days or even weeks to draw something “properly”… constantly looking, measuring, correcting… versus seconds to minutes for a doodle. I haven’t had time (or peace of mind) to do “proper” drawing for a while now (AOS is mostly based on doodles and 2D/surface design and I digitize a lot of the workflow).