Update – Jan 2020: Wow – so I’ve since come across accusations that Rogan is basically right-wing anti-trans badness. I’m not surprised (that people have concluded this), but my lack of surprise is based more on his approach to the sorts of topics and personalities he parries with… i.e. my own gut-feels, rather than research. My hunch is this is a person I could have a good conversation with, rife though it would be with eye-rolling and argumentation and maybe even totally petty name-calling… but I won’t be wasting time trawling through social-media-space to verify or un-verify my hunches for context, because there is LITERALLY NOTHING I’m doing in life rn that requires such an incredible outpouring of energy for so precious little in return.

I do not know much about either of the speakers other than they’re famous and that each has a following… But I’m definitely here for calm and respectful discussion, active listening, humanism, the wistful pining for the “sweetness and gentleness” of earlier musics, “kenosis“, the brief musing over the ideas that Socrates didn’t cry, and that Jesus didn’t laugh… and reminders that the “original” sin of the United States was not slavery, but rather, just prior to that, the treatment of the indigenous population.

A looooooooong meandering convo, but well worth the listen/watch. Snatches of history too, and several moments of geeking out in music fandom.

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