From scribblings on my Note: behold, the impossible house!

What makes it impossible? Several things:

Scaling issues, non-ergonomic nooks, nonsensically-placed windows, undefined roofing, questionable use of space, stairs that probably aren’t, and – I suspect – magically appearing and disappearing walls that probably don’t meet quite where they’re supposed to.

But these things are the least of its impossibilities. There are greater impossibilities at work: like the fact that it needs to be compactified and cheapened 100-fold to fit inside the realm of possibility in at least one of the parallel universes to this one.

And then, impossible-er still, the construction of a wormhole into afore-mentioned universe, in which earth-like Saint Exupery -sized planets are just lolling about in the sky, waiting for their Petit Princes to come stake their claims.

And then, impossibler-er still, the acquisition of barely-legal quantum 3d-printers that can fab construction materials from the quantum foam of empty bank accounts.

When all these low-likelihood cats get herded into a neat row, the impossible house becomes… manifest!


Doodling of this type seems to chase away one’s frugal tendencies. I mean come on… 5 BEDROOMS?!! Now ya gotta hire someone just to clean the poxy thing. No thanks!

I hope that by the Nth iteration of doodling, I’ve got it down to a doll’s house. That’s all this girl needs.

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