0 Replies to ““the planet is fine; the people are fucked””

  1. It’s long been one of the most effective arguments for environmentalism ever: human self-interest.

    If people can see how changing their behaviour can better protect themselves and their descendants, then they might actually change their behaviour.

  2. True…

    Actually, human-self interest is a good carrot for just about anything. All I know is, whenever he says “I’m tired of fuckin’ earth day”, It just cracks me up. Every single time… 🙂

    It tickles because it’s such a complete antithesis of everything you normally hear.

  3. The absolute worst are people (and especially corporations) who say they’re helping the environment or doing things that are actively good for the environment. You just CAN’T. All we can do is minimize damage and try to save our own asses. We are not–and cannot be–beneficial for the planet in any true sense. The only benefit we can provide is cleaning up the mess we’ve made ourselves.

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